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The Ross Sisters

Since a video went viral on Facebook there has been a lot of discussion online concerning what happened to the sisters. Much of this has revolved around which of them married entertainer Dickie Henderson. There is clear evidence that it was in fact Veda Victoria, and not Dixie Jewel. Attached below is a photo of Veda's probate record.

The confusion seems to have arisen from the fact that Vicky was known as Dixie in the last years of her life. She is so described in the caption of a 1956 family portrait (See Getty Images.) and, more strikingly, in the inscription on her gravestone. (See the second attachment.) This gives the age Dixie would have been at the time of Vicky's death. However, the official record at the cemetery gives her name as Veda Victoria.

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Since the above was posted earlier in 2014, it has come to light that Dixie Jewel travelled to the UK with a passport in the name of Veda Victoria. The whole story is clearly explained in the Wikipedia article:

Ross Sisters.
(Posted 25 July 2014.)

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